19 August 2019

Released today: By any other name, a new compilation of remixes of recently released tracks by Hidden Shoal artists. The album is available now as a free download via Bandcamp and to stream via Spotify and SoundCloud and includes two new remixes of Chloë's original track 'Old Tree, Mon Coeur' by Daniel Zinetti and JW

by any other name album cover

'For By any other name, Hidden Shoal invited a number of emerging Perth artists to rework a selection of tracks from the label’s catalogue. With 11 artists reimagining tracks by Target Archery, Erik Nilsson, Glanko & Daniel Bailey, Summon the Birds, Chloe March and Isophene, what’s most striking about By any other name is both the expansive nature of the individual tracks, and the cohesiveness of the overall listening experience.

By any other name features remixes by Boy In Nature Austy, Alexi, Michael TyrieSue Summers, Ryan Jose, Daniel Zinetti, Crier, Cron, Shane Isard and JW. Boy In Nature infuses the languid tones of Target Archery’s ‘Opium Den’ with an effervescent buoyancy. On Michael Tyrie’s reimagining of Summon the Birds’ ‘Tactile Hallucination’, the structure of the song is inverted, with the epic climax acting as a cinematic scene-setter. Cron’s re-envisioning of Glanko & Bailey’s ambient masterpiece ‘Adiaphora’ injects the original with urgency without losing its sense of grandeur. And Daniel Zinetti’s brilliant deconstruction of Chloe March’s ‘Old Tree Mon Coeur’ breaks the original into a thousand pieces and then ejects them into space.' (hidden shoal)


This music is available for licensing for film, tv, games and more through Hidden Shoal.


April 2019

Chloë March's fourth solo album 'Blood-Red Spark' has been nominated in the 17th Annual Independent Music Awards for Best Album - Pop

Chloë March Is Among the Year’s Most Exceptional Music Projects Nominated in the Independent Music Awards ~ named by Music Resource Group (MRG) as a Nominee in the influential awards program for independent artists and releases. Innovative self-released and indie label projects in all styles and mediums were nominated by fans and industry panelists in 103 categories that were culled from thousands of submissions worldwide. The winning projects will be selected by judging panels including: Tom Waits, Lee Ann Womack, Robert Smith, Boyce Avenue, Martha Wash, Ben Lovett and Todd Rundgren among many others; and influential press and talent buyers from the Americas, Europe and Pacific Rim.

Nominated along with Chloë is an eclectic mix of work by established artists and emerging talent from around the globe. More than 400 artists will be honored at The 17th IMA ceremony on June 22 in New York City including: Masta Ace & Marco Polo, Miss Tara, Prateek Kuhad, Foreigner, Juliana Hatfield, The Motels, Mark Erelli, dodie, Ella Vos, Maria Muldaur, QUOR, Pedro Luís, Bleu, Nsimbi, Marta Gómez, Firkin, Bombay Ricky, Jackknife Stiletto, Lucy Wainwright Roche, David Chesky, and Lucy Kalantari & The Jazz Cats.

album cover with IMA badge


January 2019

'Wild Cherries' from Chloë's latest solo album 'Blood-Red Spark' was chosen by Tom Robinson ("A song of outstanding natural beauty... from her totally extraordinary fourth album") as one of his top tunes of Introducing 2018 on the New Year's Eve Mixtapeon BBC6.

The song was also chosen as one of Fresh On The Net's favourite tracksof 2018.

New song 'Snow Bird' also featured on the last Tom Robinson Mixtape of 2018 and was voted through to Fresh On The Net ("an entirely fresh level of sophistication" Tom Robinson)

'Snow Bird' received a wonderful write-up from Neil (no relation!) March in his regular 'Trust the Doc' series of reviews: "Chloë March rounds off what has been quite some year with winter tune entitled 'Snow Bird'...It finds her voice floating in otherworldly space between swirling synth patterns and cool ambience.... atmospheric and characteristically unique... Earlier in the year her single 'Wild Cherries' with its haunting melancholy and eerie atmosphere became one of my singles of 2018 and remains so" trust the doc

And there is more love for Chloë's collaborative album with Todd Tobias 'Amialluma' as The Underground of Happiness includes it in their Best Of 2018 Playlist


December 2018

Both Chloë's solo album 'Blood-Red Spark' and her collaborative release with Hidden Shoal label-mate Todd Tobias, 'Amialluma', feature in Textura's Top 20 General of 2018. 'Blood-Red Spark' is at No.4 and'Amialluma' at No.10. To read the full lists please go to Textura

New Song: Snow Bird


Following on from Chloë March's 2017 solo release Blood-Red Spark, and her recent collaboration with labelmate Todd Tobias, Amialluma, ‘Snow Bird’ is a luminous winter song, gently hypnotic and hopeful. The track melds dream pop and found sounds of birdsong to create a crisply detailed emotional landscape, inhabited by March’s uniquely emotive vocal. The song is released through Hidden Shoal and March’s own Powderkeg Records on 6 December.

Available to Download at Bandcamp and across streaming platforms very soon. Please Follow Chloë at Spotify to be notified as soon as the track is streaming.


September 2018



Chloë talks to textura magazine about making the vocals for the Amialluma album, how her working process has changed over the years since Divining in 2004, how she maintains her voice, the highs and lows of releasing Blood-Red Spark and more... Read on!


Reviews of Amialluma:

'All ten compositions have a distinct hauntological ambiance. The soundscapes have the feel of the soundtrack to a forgotten children’s movie... March sings, purrs, trills, murmurs and chants words in an invented language that manages to be both soothing and disturbing, like a feral child raised by nature' Craig Laurance Gidney

Full Review

'Ultimately, this is an ambitious project between two ambitious people, creating both musical velvet and musical sandpaper, all soothed by Chloe March’s beautiful peaceful tone. Listen to it in full, back to back, close your eyes, and embrace it.... In its listening, this album will take you to another planet' Angry Baby

Full Review

'If there's one word that describes Amialluma, a thoroughly enrapturing collection by English vocalist Chloë March and American instrumentalist Todd Tobias, it's bewitching... March is in exceptionally fine voice throughout, and demonstrates remarkable invention and a bold absence of inhibition in the myriad vocal effects—coos, stutters, trills, and the like—she drapes across her partner's backings. In “Lallulow,” she metamorphs before one's ears from a human form into something more abstractly creature-like, whereas “Inttavei” sees Tobias crafting a mysterious minimal backdrop for her to emote against, the singer responding to the sound design with upward swoops and entranced murmurings...' textura

Full Review

'One time Robert Pollard collaborator and Ohio-based soundscape designer of bright acoustic instrumentation and brooding, droning tones, Todd Tobias and UK vocalist/collaborator Chloë March pull down a sense of mysterious calm on their first single from their collaborative record. It's easy to imagine these tracks unfurling like morning fog across a heavily wooded valley. The uneasy drone and ebullient acoustic guitar settling in among the nestles and leaves of trees in that low place.' Tome To The Weather Machine


NEW ALBUM with Todd Tobias Out Now!

Tiny Room Records and Hidden Shoal present Amialluma, the stunning new collaboration between Ohio based multi-instrumentalist/ambient producer Todd Tobias and Chloë March

Available now as a Download from Chloë's Bandcamp and as a gorgeous CD, including Artwork by Chloë at the Todd Tobias Bandcamp page. Also available at iTunes, Amazon etc or Listen on Spotify

Album Trailer featuring clips of all ten tracks and the original artwork


After a number of track collaborations on Todd Tobias’s 2015 album Gila Man, Chloe March and Todd Tobias have joined forces on their new full-length, Amialluma. Dwelling in a mysterious hinterland somewhere between Cocteau Twins’ seminal Victorialand and The Caretaker’s Persistent Repetition of PhrasesAmialluma dances between the earthly and heavenly. Chloe March’s celestial voice shines a light through Todd Tobias’s dark, fantastical soundscapes, resulting in a sublime, uncanny experience that enraptures and unsettles in equal measure. Through a process of improvisation sparked by the emotive power of Tobias’s music, March developed a lyrical world of word-invention sung into archaic lullabies and tales. The lyrics centre around a child’s journey from the safety of its mother’s arms through an ancient, shadowy world. Overcoming fear and meeting with otherworldly guides, the child finds independence and reveals a deep connection with nature.

For more info on Todd Tobias please go to Hiddden Shoal

This music is available for Licensing, please contact Hidden Shoal


July 2018

New Single 'Lullalow' Out Now ~ from the new collaborative album by Todd Tobias and Chloë March

'Lullalow' is the first single from forthcoming new album 'Amialluma' (Release date: September 4th 2018)

Stream/Free Download:




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June 2018

Recent Airplay for 'Wild Cherries' includes The Tom Robinson Show on BBC6 Music, The BBC Introducing Mixtape and BBC Introducing on BBC Tees

"A song of outstanding natural beauty... from her totally extraordinary fourth album" Tom Robinson 6Music

Listen again:

The Tom Robinson Show

The BBC Introducing Mixtape


Chloë's 2014 EP 'Under The Day' is now finally available for Streaming including at:


Apple Music





New Lyric Video for 'Calypso Wants'

New Video by Chloë featuring all the lyrics for the song and beautiful photography of waves in a sea-mist. Watch at Youtube or Vimeo



March 2018

'Blood-Red Spark is an absolutely superb album.... and 'Calypso Wants' may be her best yet'

Tom Robinson BBC6

Airplay for New Single 'Calyspo Wants' from recent album 'Blood-Red Spark' includes 'The Tom Robinson Show' on BBC6 Music (3rd March) (listen again) and the BBC Introducing Mixtape (listen again) and on another great show from 'The Underground of Happiness' out of Cork - listen again on mixcloud

Chloë has written a personal Blog post about the making of 'Blood-Red Spark', covering emotional connection, the sensuality of sound, what the 'spark' means to her and more. To read the full post please go to the Blog

'Utterly enchanting, snow fallen beguilement...' lovely review for the single at 'The Sunday Experience'


February 2018

SINGLE 'Calypso Wants' Released 14th Feb

The second single to be released from 'Blood-Red Spark' is a heady and sensual slice of ambient electronic pop. It’s delicate composition is teased into life by lush vocal harmonies, pulsing piano, strings and brushed drums. The titular Calypso refers to a nymph in Homer’s Odyssey, who charms Odysseus and keeps him prisoner until the gods order his release. Notions of concealment and revelation are played out in the song’s dynamics, creating a rarefied atmosphere that expresses a timeless longing.

(Hidden Shoal/Powderkeg Records)

Calypso Wants is available as a Free/Donate Download from Bandcamp and streaming on Soundcloud. You can also find it on Spotify


January 2018


The album appeared in The Underground of Happiness Best of 2017alongside artists including Goldfrapp, St. Vincent, Bedouine, This is the Kit and Camille.

'The latest album by Chloe March is another heady trip through electro pop but really that tag doesn't do justice to the range of expression. The air is thick with atmosphere throughout and March is a masterful creator of mood.....Stunning rarefied synth compositions topped with layers of her remarkable voice. A beautiful sound, somewhere between The Blue Nile and David Sylvian' the underground of happiness

The album also comes in at No.13 on The Eppy Gibbon Podcast Music Show's Best of 2017 alongside Portico Quartet, Emma Gatrill, Soley and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith. Listen again


Superb review of new album 'Blood-Red Spark' at textura

'Chloë March's many strengths are on full display throughout her fourth full-length Blood-Red Spark... One of those one-in-a-million voices that could make even the most pedestrian lyric feel like cause for rapture. That being said, as integral as her vocalizing is to the album's impact, Blood-Red Spark would hardly merit a recommendation if the songs and arrangements weren't compelling, too.... March shares with a small number of other female vocalists—Anne Garner, Trish Keenan, Elizabeth Fraser, Tracey Thorn, and Susanna Wallumrød come to mind—a vocal delivery that's never less than alluring. Luminous, sensual, seductive—all such epithets apply to March's singing; whether presented as an unadorned lead or as harmonizing choir, her voice is the key that unlocks an intimate soundworld straddling dream-pop, trip-hop, and electronica...'

Read the full review at textura or here on the album web page


Recent Reviews include:

'Neo classical torch toned wooziness... ghost lit tenderness... amid the glow of noir... We are much minded of an unusually vulnerable Jane Weaver sweetly shimmering in the grooves' The Sunday Experience

'Simplicity and intimacy seem to be the key words of the work, which however doesn't contradict the refined expressive dimension of Chloë March, muse of expansive dreampop enchantment.' music won't save you

'Chloe March knows her way around a beautiful melody and perfectly placed dynamics, ('Let It All In) is dream pop-esque with a dash of electronica and it’s rather delightful. The best music often falls between the gaps of definition, not in one box or another but proudly sitting in the borders, Chloe’s music does that and it’s all the better for not being easily pigeonholed.' Johnno Casson Fresh on the Net


Airplay for 'Blood-Red Spark'

includes the tracks 'Orchardie' and 'Let It All In' appearing on DR/P2 'Nightfly' shows with renowned Danish DJ Katrine Ring 'Chloë March makes music beyond genres. The music is versatile and poignant...Her productions mix beautifully pop music and electronica as well as classical music. That's unusual and enriched, and that is why her productions are so appreciated at my show the Nightfly aka Natsvaermeren'

Listen again Here for 'Orchardie' and Here for 'Let It All In'


New Album 'Blood-Red Spark' Out Now

blood-red spark album cover

Hidden Shoal and Powderkeg Records are proud to announce the release of 'Blood-Red Spark' the new album by British dreampop artist Chloë March.

In her fourth album, Blood-Red Spark, March continues her exploration of a rich musical seam in which songwriterly storytelling and imagistic soundscape meet. Beautiful ambient/electro-pop soundworlds of warm spaciousness and radiant sensuality are underpinned by a compelling pulse - a vital heartbeat of an album of emotional concealments and revealments, truth and trickery, loss, longing and desire. 

'Stunning rarefied synth compositions with layers of her remarkable voice... A beautiful sound, somewhere between The Blue Nile and David Sylvian' the underground of happiness

'March makes music beyond genres. The music is versatile and poignant... ' Danish DJ Katrine Ring DR/P2

'Neo classical torch toned wooziness... ghost lit tenderness... amid the glow of noir... We are much minded of an unusually vulnerable Jane Weaver sweetly shimmering in the grooves' The Sunday Experience

For more info please go to the Album Page


New Single 'Let It All In' Out Now

Stream/Download at Bandcamp

single art cover

'Let It All In', the first single from March's new album 'Blood-Red Spark' due for release 8 December 2017, distills the emotional magnetism that March brings to all her work into an intense shot of magic and liquid melancholy. The song is written, performed and produced by Chloë March, Mastered by Steve Kitch and released through Hidden Shoal and March's own label Powderkeg Records.


August 2017

New Liminal Drifter remix album 'The Night Train Vacancies'

Ten reinterpretations by different artists of Australian ambient electronica artist Liminal Drifter's debut album 'Troubled Mystic' (which included three collaborative tracks with Chloë).

'The Night Train Vacancies' is RTRFM's local feature album this week (28.08.17) and the gorgeous Erik Nilsson remix is already on the SBS Chill playlist.

'Troubled Mystic is a deck of musical cards, each one it's own kind of cool' Hypnagogue

Full Release info at Hidden Shoal
































































Blood-Red Spark










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